07 May

When buying dry erase boards, you should ensure they are able to meet its intended use since it will matter a lot. There are different dry erase boards which are suitable for different people like a teacher will not use the same erase board that is normally used at home.

Most of the teachers will prefer heavy duty dry boards so that they are mounted on the wall plus they will not fall down easily. There are different types of surfaces used to create the dry erase board like laminate, melamine, porcelain but the best are laminate, porcelain and glass since they are scratch and stain resistant.

The Right Dry Erase Board For A Classroom

You may need to contact the manufacturer see what you can find accessories which you can use on your dry erase board like markers and erasers  You can purchase the best dry erase cleaning solution so that those things will not step on your dry erase board.  You should make sure the space available is not allowed because of the different sizes and it is easy to find the appropriate size for your classroom, learn here!

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Board Surface

Melamine boards are less expensive but will require the teacher who conducts regular maintenance because they are not long lasting.  If you want porcelain surface then you should know it varies when it comes to ink resistance due to the enamel surface.  If you have enough money in the account then tempered glass dry erase boards are the best for you since they are durable but not the best for presentations. Check here!

If you choose wall-mounted dry erase are the best for permanent use in the classroom plus they are adequate if you want more floor space but taking measurements is important. The best thing about mobile whiteboards is there are some which are reversible but they will end up consuming space in the classroom so teachers should weigh their options. The online store will make sure they have successfully the dry erase board to the school which makes it convenient for them. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCHyoUy5opo for more info about planner.

Some of the dry erase markers have strong chemical smells so settling for commercial non-permanent markers is better since they have low odor. Teachers are advised to use melamine foam sponge or paper towels to clean the dry erase board and ensure the writings are properly wiped off. If you are not sure if the whiteboards will fit into the stairwells or the door, you can order for two separate sections and make they have a guarantee.

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